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What is Facial Recognition?
Facial recognition is the least intrusive and fastest growing fields of biometric technology. Biometrics, in general, is the body’s measurements and calculations – the metrics of the human body and characteristics. The study of the body’s measurements and relationships goes back throughout humankind, but the technology to quantify it has been significantly advanced by current technology.

There are several forms of biometric technology:

• Retinal and/or Iris Scans
• Fingerprint recognition
• Palm scan
• DNA matching
• Facial Recognition

Focusing on Facial Recognition, with the latest developments in technology, systems are now able to identify a person’s face and verify who that face belongs to from any digital image.

How does it work?
Facial recognition analyzes the characteristics of a person's face through the input of a digital image. It measures the overall facial structure, including certain measurements of distance and depth that create the hills, peaks, and valleys of a face. These measurements are retained in a database as a faceprint and are compared when a user stands before the camera or sends another digital image. It is estimated that biometric facial recognition technology will soon overtake fingerprint biometrics as the most popular form of security for user authentication. Currently, Apple’s iPhone X and some Android phones include Face ID technology that lets users unlock their phone with a Faceprint mapped by the Phone’s camera.